The second project meeting of STARTING 11 was held on the beautiful island of Malta, co-hosted by EAS, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and TW1N.

As STARTING 11 is in the grand finale of its research phase, its results were presented to all partners for the very first time. The project can be very satisfied as they strongly correlate with the assumptions made in our initial project description. At the beginning of November, we will publish a summary our findings on this website.

Composing tools

‍During the research phase, first steps have already been taken regarding the toolkit formation and the selection of potential tools. After the now available research insights, the final 11 themes of support which STARTING 11 will create tools for could be confirmed by the project partners. As names and definitions are a work in progress, we will not yet reveal more details.

Work groups in full flow

‍The expert group Manage kicked off their first meeting by working out the foundation of its future tools and formed micro teams to divide tasks. Team Train built on its previous process re-defining its main areas that are essential for the tools’ development. Equally, within the area of Counsel, a common understanding, vision and semantics was reached and tool objectives were refined based on the research results. Exciting times are ahead of STARTING 11 as the next months will strongly focus on giving shape to the tools respectively the overall toolkit.