This week, STARTING 11 made its first official appearance by presenting the project at the EAS Conference in Falun (Sweden).

Under the slogan “Back and to their future”, the conference brought together international experts and educational stakeholders involved in dual careers. Our project leaders Dennis van Vlaanderen and Wolfgang Stockinger took the stage to introduce STARTING 11 to a greater audience.

In total, 10 team members of STARTING 11 attended the 16th EAS Annual Conference to represent their own organisations. Thus, the conference also offered a great opportunity for us all to bond and exchange onsite.

In their interactive presentation, Dennis and Wolfgang underlined the importance of transforming dual career research into effective practice. Consequently, they provided a first glimpse of our research results (to be published at the beginning of November 2019) and main ideas surrounding the European Dual Career Toolkit.

If you were in Falun, thank you for your attentiveness and the feedback we received.

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