Last week, the third project meeting of STARTING 11 took place in Luxembourg, hosted by our partner Sportlycée Luxembourg. With their sport school being located right outside the historic city fortress, a stunning view set the scene for a productive time together.

No better way to get into competitive mode than via the “Marshmallow Challenge”. 20 spaghetti sticks, 1 masking tape, 1 meter of string and 1 marshmallow – build the highest free-standing tower! Triggering our lateral thinking as well as stimulating our communication skills, we were ready to dive into the work sessions ahead of us.

Launch of website

Our focus point of day one: the launch of the full STARTING 11 website. In collaboration with our IT partner, the Digital Society School Amsterdam, we spent the last few months to conceptualize the website. Now it is time to bring it to life! Being introduced to the design and layout for the first time, the project partners used this opportunity to thoroughly test and browse the website dummy. Our positive reactions cleared the way for a prompt launch at the mid of March 2020.

Work groups progress

Between the meetings in Malta and Luxembourg, the work groups of STARTING 11 had made substantial steps forward in their tool creation. Thus, their sessions were all about status updates, further development of tool concepts and refinements of nearly finalized tools. All work group leaders were enthusiastic about the progress made and the dedication of all team members.

With the next deadlines approaching fast, we are now entering a crucial phase within the work groups. At our next project meeting will take place in June, we will be close to finalizing this chapter of the project.