The STARTING 11 Manual explains how to select and navigate in the tools of the European Dual Career Toolkit.


As an ecosystem of dual career practice, the European Dual Career Toolkit offers service providers in sport, education and the labour market a broad selection of ready-made, yet fully customizable tools that are translatable into their unique environment.

After entering the European Dual Career Toolkit, you will see the overview of tools, appearing as a set of cards. When placing your mouse on a card, it will flip. On its back side, you can quickly read what this tool is about to help you decide if it suits your specific needs. By clicking on the card, you can access the complete tool. If you want to display the tools in your mother tongue, please use the translation function provided by your chosen browser.

Many of the templates in Downloads have interactive fields to be filled in. Furthermore, they are editable to allow for you to make changes and adapt the forms according to your requirements.



The European Dual Career Toolkit provides tools in 3 areas of dual career services: Manage, Train and Counsel.

Each area is easily recognizable via its blue, green or red colour code. By using the filter function of the European Dual Career Toolkit, you can display the area that is most relevant to your dual career practice:

The Manage tools assist to build the political, theoretical and infrastructural know-how to implement and administrate dual career services as well as to efficiently communicate towards the most relevant dual career stakeholders.

The Train tools assist to prepare, sensitize and empower athletes by providing them with knowledge, inspiration and skills to successfully pursue their dual careers.

The Counsel tools assist to professionalize inter-personal counselling services to foster the coping, decision-making and planning ability of athletes in times of fundamental change and transition.


Inside the tool

Each tool of the European Dual Career Toolkit consists of the exact same components to allow for an easy application.

Short description

This section concisely explains what the tool is about and helps you decide if it suits your specific professional needs.

Target users

This section names the primary target users of the tool.


This section illustrates the required steps to apply the tool.

Introducing the tool

This section provides you with topical backgrounds and introductory information on the tool.


This section supplies ready-made, yet fully customizable templates (worksheets, presentations, etc.) to download.

How to use

This section contains task-based instructions for the downloadable template(s) as well as further links (articles, blog posts, etc.) and inspiring videos which are directly related to the tool. Furthermore, it lists the practical and scientific sources which served to build this tool.

In practice

This section serves to show you how the tool works in real life. The provision of good practice examples of EU dual career stakeholders aims to inspire and further guide your application of the tool.

Feedback form

This section offers you the possibility to give your honest feedback on your tool experience to help us enhance the tools.

Associated tools

This section proposes other tools of the European Dual Career Toolkit that are topically associated and might also be of interest to you.