In practice


Case study: National Basketball Federation

John Doe is the athlete representative of a National Basketball Federation. In John’s country, especially in team sports, dealing with dual careers turns out to be challenging for national federations. This is because athletes are mostly employed by their clubs and neither the clubs or the league show big interest to support their dual careers. It has become the federation’s responsibility to educate about the options of a dual career.

He aims to gain more insight into the existing dual career opportunities for their young national team athletes. They individually complete the System Quick Check (xls) to build a current overview of the situation from an athlete’s perspective and find out where the main weak and strong points within the system are. The results show that athletes at the moment appear to be neither empowered nor well-informed about the opportunities of a dual career from their clubs or the league. Interestingly, they rate the situation similarly when it comes to the federation.

These results act as strong imperative for John to identify required programmatic adaptations as well as serves as a basis for upcoming talks with the federation as well as with other relevant stakeholders. The tools Policy Push and Comms Plan will assist the preparation of these talks.