In practice


Case study: Para Cyclist

Jane Doe is an 18-year-old Dutch Para Cyclist. She just finished her secondary school and wants to follow up on her dual career by achieving an academic degree in Economics. Jane checks the possibilities on the website of the university.

Within its policy-based dual career support programme, the university offers athletes the chance to successfully combine elite sport with a study of choice. Jane finds the name and contact information of the elite sports coordinator. She assists the athletes with their first steps into the university.

Aligning first steps

Jane is asked to fill in the Athlete Student Intake (pdf) and send it back to the coordinator. They make an appointment for a personal intake meeting. Besides the form, Jane is requested to provide official proof that she is registered at the Dutch NOC*NSF  as an elite athlete prior to the meeting. The images below shows an extract of the filled-in form.

The week after, the meeting is planned at the university. Walking through the Athlete Student Intake (pdf) form, Jane and the coordinator discuss her expectations, rights and responsibilities regarding the dual career support programme of the institute. According to her request, a meeting with a specialized counsellor to discuss and review her study plan for the first year is arranged.

The coordinator finalizes the intake procedure by providing Jane the formal Athlete Student Certificate (doc). This certificate makes Jane a registered athlete student at the university. This document can be used by Jane as proof when asking formal assistance in the combination of sports and her studies.

© Photo: Mathilde Dusol